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Traffic emoticons

Driving emoticons

This is an interesting gadget for the car, an emoticon display so you can let drivers behind you know exactly what you think of their driving behaviour!

If they’re driving too close, just hit the 🙁  button on the controller and see what happens.

If they drop back for you, you can give them a thank you with a smiley, but if they don’t you can hit the “Back Off” button as a last warning before you hit the “**** off” button!

Just kidding; I’m sure there isn’t such a profanity in the system, but it might be interesting if you could program your own custom messages.

The battery-operated message display module is attached to the rear windscreen and is activated by remote control, so you don’t need to install any wiring. The remote control looks a little small though and I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea to be fumbling around for the right button when someone’s driving too close!

The Driv-emocion is available from Au-My for £11. Found via (in Turkish)

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5 thoughts on “Traffic emoticons”

  1. What a stupid idea, it will make people drive closer to you so that they can read what it says, and if they do not like what it says you could find that they will react in a negative way

  2. Much better to have our IM accounts as our licence plates then you could be having convs with those around you as you drive. Or an ICQ stream set up for different Motorways!

  3. Cute, but the good ol’ wave or one-finger salute get the points across just as well; they don’t need batteries, and don’t obstruct the view in the mirror.

    And IM or ICQ conversations as people are driving?!?!? That’s brilliant. As if it isn’t bad enough already, dodging idiots who have less half their attention devoted to the road because they’re having conversations on cell phones..

  4. Think its fantastic, i got one and and its great,

    bad driver are just surprised its the last thing they expect.
    a bit of fun + something to talk about

    ps cheap laptops, only blind drivers need to come up close, as it works both day and night


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