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TrackR reveals a pair of new form factors this CES 2017

trackr-2TrackR is excited with this year’s CES — how about you? After all, if this were not the case, they would not have worked to unveil not just one, but a couple of new form factors over at CES 2017. The “stars” in the equation would be the TrackR pixel and TrackR wallet 2.0, where they have joined the rest of the new TrackR family, which would make it easier than ever before to maintain your portfolio of personal items — without breaking the bank, to boot.

The TrackR pixel will arrive in not just a handful, but a whopping nine fashionable colors and starts at a lower price point. This would then pave open the road for consumers to keep track of all of their items, be it at home or while they are on the move. The TrackR pixel is able to quickly locate items in a similar way to TrackR bravo, and it has a greater advantage in the fact that it is not only smaller, but also lighter, and boasts of an LED light which can turn on when it is activated in order to make finding items in the dark all the easier. Measuring a mere 26mm in diameter and 5mm in thickness, this makes it one of the smallest available item trackers on the market.

As for the TrackR wallet 2.0, this is one of the thinnest trackers on the market that measures a mere 2mm in thickness — which should not be thicker than a pair of credit cards. It is even shaped to look like that of a credit card, making use of new carbon fiber technology in order to achieve this remarkable thinness at the same time maintain all of the functionality of the TrackR bravo — such as the replaceable CR2016 batteries.

The TrackR pixel can be pre-ordered for $24.99 with shipping set to commence in Spring 2017, while the pre-order for the TrackR wallet 2.0 stands at $29.99, shipping in late Spring 2017.

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