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TrackR Pixel might be smaller, but it is louder than ever before

trackr-pixelSome of us have memories like elephants, where we never forget a single face, name, or person, but when it comes to the remote control at home, it tends to go missing — especially when you are not the only one living under the same roof. Well, here is the TrackR Pixel which will offer a smaller, lighter, and louder version of the original TrackR tracking device. It will not only sport a loud ringer that ought to make it easier to pick up where your item is, there is also a bright LED light thrown into the mix in addition to a long Bluetooth range.

The TrackR Pixel is one of the smallest and brightest Bluetooth tracking devices on the market right now, where it sports a longer range and louder ringer than the TrackR bravo. The integrated LED light makes it a snap to hunt down items in the dark, and is especially handy for those who would like to rummage through their own handbags in the cinema, or would need to have a little bit more light while trying to fit the key into the keyhole late at night. Available in nine different colors to fit anyone’s personal style, it is highly affordable.

Each purchase comes with a free key loop and adhesive, allowing the TrackR Pixel to be attached to any item that has a tendency to get lost or misplaced. These include keys, wallet, bags, even pets, and when paired with the free TrackR app, users can loudly ring the misplaced item, but also make the attached TrackR pixel light.

Any item that remains lost outside of range can always enlist the assistance of TrackR’s Crowd Locate Network. Upon activation, the owner will be able to receive anonymous updates of the last-known location of the missing item, each time a TrackR user passes within range of it. With more than 360,000,000 individual item updates each month, it should work better than a bloodhound. The TrackR Pixel has an asking price of $24.99 a pop if you are interested, and it also arrives in multi-packs.

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