Track your mail with GPS

GPS Mail Tracker

Have you ever wondered how your mail gets to it’s destination after you post it, or which is the most inefficient sorting office? You can now find out with the Micro GPA Mail Logger, I kid thee not.

The GPS mail logger is half an inch thick and bendable, so it can be used in parcels and even envelopes.

The GPS Mail Logger records the global position of your mail throughout the delivery process. Once you receive your mail, plug in the GPS Mail Logger’s microSD card and find out where your mail has been in seconds. With time stamps and recorded downtime you can find out where your mail has been and if it was delayed or misrouted. With GPS you get your mail’s exact satellite location, how fast it was traveling, and even its altitude throughout the delivery process.

You can buy the Micro GPS Mail Logger for $695.95 so this is one parcel you definitely don’t want to get lost in the post.

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