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Track your kids with Locate 1 GPS!

Locate 1

Worried that your kid may be skipping school to go on road trips, or want to keep track of your kid after school? All of this can be done with the Locate 1, and I agree, it’s a terrible name.

The Locate 1 works via GPS tracking and through MicroTRAKgps to keep track of whatever it is that you’re tracking. All data is transmitted wirelessly back to a server, and then you can go on the internet to see exactly where your kid/car is.

Another neat feature is to be able to set speed limits or zones. If a speed limit is crossed, or a child exits one of the specified zones, you’ll be immediately alerted. The data is updated every half-hour (up to every 5 minutes with more expensive plans) and you can see summaries of the day’s activities or the whole month’s!

Hiding the Locate 1 is easy. It’s about the size of a deck of card and weighs about as much as a standard cell phone. Stash it in the trunk, glove compartment, under the seat, in the back pocket, anywhere really.

The service does require a subscription in order to use, a bit of a bummer, but what can you expect. The monthly fees range from $15 to $50, there’s also an activation fee, another bummer. If you’re a worrisome parent, the Locate 1 is a good choice, albeit a bit expensive.

3 thoughts on “Track your kids with Locate 1 GPS!”

  1. I bought one of these to track my new teenage driver, and it’s awesome! I can monitor how fast he travels, and even set boundaries to make sure he goes where he says he’s going. This product was definitely worth the price…you can’t put a price on “peace of mind.” GREAT PRODUCT! THANK YOU!!!

  2. I bought a LOCATE 1 from Sharper Image and the website was cool. It allows you to customize the setup by unit which is pretty easy to do. I have put mine in my husbands Lawn trailer because it was stolen once before and now if it is stolen I can call the police and tell them exactly where it is. Thanks Microtrakgps for this unit that i needed about a year ago.

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