Track Your Miles, Save Your Body

If you are not a runner then you have one in your life. You know, the ones that won’t let any weather, work or personal obligations get between them and their daily miles. I have never seen such passion for a pastime! From the newbies to the experienced veterans, I am sure that millions of miles are globally logged each week by runners. For most there exists one device they cannot live without – their shoes. Shoes work to protect runner’s feet, knees and hips from the constant pounding of the pavement/trail/track. But shoes do wear out. Runners must rotate their shoes on a regular basis  – usually every 400-600 miles – to ensure maximum shock absorption. Most runners take pride in their watch used to track the miles, yet those watches don’t offer continuous tracking of the miles on the shoes.

MilestonePod looks to be a runner’s next best friend, preceded only by the shoes. This $14.95 gadget, available at, continuously tallies miles run in a pair of shoes. After initial setup (via USB & computer) clip the 10 gram pod to a shoe. It keeps track of your foot position and produces mile measurements which you can easily read on the display, even while moving. When it is time for new shoes simply unclip the pod, reset it and reclip it on another pair. You can change the battery too, so you will never run up miles without counting them. Another great feature of the MilestonePod is completed during setup. Connect the pod via built-in USB to a computer. After registering you will be able to enter your vital records, including allergies, blood type or health conditions that emergency personnel should know. All the information can be viewed by connecting the pod. The device is not meant to replace more advanced watches, but supplement the runners knowledge. If you, or someone you know, needs to keep a constant tally of miles run then rely on the MilestonePod. Your knees and feet will thank you.

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