TOYin3D lets you view stereoscopic 3D content on smartphones

Do you know that glasses-free 3D displays are now available on the smartphone scene, thanks to LG and HTC? Guess they took a look at the Nintendo 3DS, and realized that something like this might just be worth a shot. Well, for those who have the green-eyed monster bite them because their friends picked up a Nintendo 3DS, perhaps you might want to consider an alternative? The TOYin3D is a device that basically allows your eyeballs to enjoy stereoscopic 3D content on any compatible smartphone without any frills.
You do not even need to install any kind of special software onto your smartphone in order to view 3D content directly in a simple, accessible manner. Heck, not only are your smartphones going to get infused with this new viewing experience, even portable media players like the iPod touch or portable game consoles like the Sony PSP will also be able to deliver an experience of personal 3D cinema.

To make things even more special, the TOYin3D is extremely light, making it nigh portable as it folds in a jiffy. Being 100% customizable and inexpensive, I am quite sure your curiosity is so stoked that you might beg, borrow or steal even if you’re down to your last dollar (as with the US government) just to see what the buzz concerning the TOYin3D is all about.
To put it in a nutshell, TOYin3D is capable of creating an illusion of depth to envelop you in a realistic 3D environment without suffering from any color loss, making full use of your mobile device’s video and audio functions. Basically, the TOYin3D will put to rest the problem of quality and depth loss in 3D displays using red and blue glasses. Not only that, you can also view online 3D content over a variety of TOYin3D channels – just set the YouTube D channel to “parallel view” and you are good to go. Anyone given it a go already, and are you stoked with such an alternative?
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