Toy-friendly Dishwasher

Toy-friendly Dishwasher
Niche markets are great; they provide a relatively small group with exactly what they need. But with Bosch’s new dishwasher, I think it’s a little extreme. No, it’s not diamond encrusted or gold plated, but it’s designed to be used specifically with . . . toys.

With the help of Lego, a giant in the children’s toy market, Bosch designed the first toy-safe dishwasher. Most toys tend to be made of very thin plastic, which causes them to melt when put into a regular cycle. Still, if you used a cold cycle with soap, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to kill all of the germs that undoubtedly cover all your child’s toys. The solution to these two problems is to use a special cycle with a temperature of 40° C. At this temperature, it’s just enough to kill all of the germs while keeping the toys intact.

Inside the dishwasher you can find other little touches that cater directly to toys. A small rack is perfect for holding those tiny toys, from toy soldiers all the way to Lego bricks. Past that, this dishwasher is pretty standard although very well designed.

Bosch’s toy-friendly dishwasher costs anywhere from $1,100 to $1,700 depending on the model you buy. Anyone who buys this will be wondering, once their children have grown up, why they bought this instead of a regular dishwasher, considering all the toys they once had are sitting in the attic.

[via Luxist] Product Page (in German)