Tower Multi-Device Charger juices up thirsty devices like a boss

tower-multi-device-chargerChargers – these happen to be one of the more common devices that one can carry around when one embarks on a trip away from home. While there are some pretty spiffy looking portable chargers around which will be able to offer your smartphone with that extra bit of zip, how about when you are back in the comfort of your own home? Surely a regular charger will do, but if you would like to spice things up not a bit, but by a mile, then you might seriously want to consider checking out the $100 Tower Multi-Device Charger.

The Tower Multi-Device Charger, as its name suggests, will be able to handle more than just one device that has a battery which runs close to empty. In fact, it will feature the ability to power multiple USB and AC-powered devices, and best of all is, you would only need one power outlet, since it will ensure that all of those devices being juiced up remain in one easy-to-reach place. Not only that, the Tower Multi-Device Charger is also ergonomically designed, which means there is no longer any need to bend down and crawl on your knees as you battle with dust bunnies and a mess of power cords the next time you would like to power your devices. The Tower Multi-Device Charger will carry a quartet of AC outlets, a pair of USB ports, a detachable caddy to hold both smartphone and tablet simultaneously, and a removable base to stand flush against the wall.