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The Tower – never bend over to reach an outlet again

The Tower

Have you come across that delightful scenario where an outlet is nestled in an awkward spot that makes it a nightmare to access? We oftentimes end up getting a power strip because it will help make outlets slightly more accessible from their awful placement, and there’s no way we only have two things to plug in at a time. Of course, then the power strip ends up getting nudged under something to look a bit tidier, and we still have to fish it out of the depths when we want to get at it.

If you are absolutely done with bending over, then The Tower will be your new most favorite thing that you don’t need. This is a stand that has 4 outlets and 2 USB ports on the top so you won’t have to stoop to access your cables. It has surge protection, EMI and RFI noise filtration built-in, and a re-settable 15A circuit breaker. Never mind that it will look crazy and terrible when you’re using every outlet and port if it’s visible at all though.

There are LEDs for power, surge protection, and grounding. One on-off switch will control the whole tower, and it’s weighted at the base so this won’t fall over randomly. It can fit behind furniture, in tight spots, and has an optional device caddy for your tablet or phone. This is going to cost you $79.99, and must be meant for elderly people with too much money who can no longer bend over without breaking something.

Available for purchase on theartofpower