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Tough messes don’t stand a chance against a chain mail scrubber

Chainmail scrubber for cast iron

If you’ve ever cooked with cast iron, you know you have to be very careful with “cleaning” it. You don’t want to put soap on it, put it in the dishwasher, or scrub it with steel wool, as the whole idea is to have it seasoned with things you’ve cooked before. You only need to get out the worst of the mess, which is best to do right after you’ve used it.

If a stiff brush just isn’t tough enough in your opinion, why not use some chain mail? This Apollo Stainless Steel Chain Mail Scrubber will take out greasy messes, dirty or rusty grill grates, and more. Being made of metal, it’s not going to fall apart, and as there are no bristles, it’s a bit easier to clean food bits out after you’re done with the task at hand. This is rust and corrosion proof, and chemical resistant, which makes it easy to clean as you can just toss it in the dishwasher and hang it out to dry.

The circular design is said to make it easier to reach corners and grooves, though anyone with enough determination is going to get the job done. Whether you’re out camping or at home, this would be a great way to get and keep your dishware and cast iron clean. This is going to cost you $15.99, and would likely be more useful for those who prefer cooking in cast iron, or have a lot of cleaning to keep up with on a regular basis.

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