Touchscreen iMac?

Apple revolutionized the world of touch screens. Between the Touch, Phone and Pad – and many other brands of devices that followed – we have become a swiping, pinching, tapping sort of society. Yet the foundational product in Apple’s collection is still “touch free.” Think about it – the iMac lacks this functionality that we associate with their product brethren. Zorro Macsk, by TMDTouch, proves to change that simple fact and give you a touchscreen iMac.

Zorro Macsk, available at Amazon for just $199, is a frame-like surface you attach to your iMac and in less than 10 seconds you have a touchscreen. Once applied, connect the frame’s USB cable to a port on the computer. Since it supports PNP in Mac OS no driver is required to run the Zorro Macsk. Using infrared technology the users input/touches are then detected. And voila! You are pinching, swiping and tapping just as you do on your other Apple products.  The height of the frame is just 4mm, and the unit is specifically tailored to match the contours of the iMac. Currently the Zorro Macsk is available for the 21.5” screen, with 27” in development. It is available in pink, silver and black and also provides a nice option to protect the monitor bezel from dust and scratches.  Take the convenience of touchscreen to your iMac and enjoy a whole new experience.

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