TouchLauncher Makes Palm UI Like The iPhone

So you say your just not ready to jump on the iPhone bandwagon just yet. Your Palm has been working just fine for you, but you wouldn’t mind giving it a little touch-up with an iPhone-like interface. Aside from being a real money saver, it also makes the UI much more visually appealing.

TouchLauncher gives your Palm device a UI boost with an interface inspired from the iPhone. Complete with customizable icon positioning and and snazzy notifications. The full version of the application allows you to scroll through the app icons horizontally, just like on the Apple device.

The TouchLauncher comes fully stocked with support for finger scrolling, dragging and dropping icons, and dropping web links (bookmarks) directly onto the Palm desktop. A free trial version allows you to run the TouchLaunch app for the first 10 apps on your device, while the full version delivers the full-monty.

You can download the TouchLaunch trial or get the full version for $6.99. To run TouchLauncher you must be running Palm OS 5 and have 200k of storage available. Check out the video demo below for some step-by-step goodness.

Product Page via Gear Diary

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