Touchjet Pond Projector ensures that learning in the classroom is easier

touchjet-projectorNot all projectors are created equal, as we have seen the niche market of portable projectors making a splash from time to time, although they are not necessarily the best kind of projectors to be used in a large room setting. Having said that, the correct kind of presentation slides will be nothing if it were not complemented by the right projector, and when it comes to learning in the classroom, surely there must be a better way to dispense with knowledge in the right way. How about not only projecting what you want the little ones to see, but in a way where they are able to interact with the projected images themselves? This is where the Touchjet Pond Projector comes in – where it intends to make classroom learning more fun.

Basically, the Touchjet Pond Projector would not only make learning more interesting and fun, it will also help to deliver collaboration and cooperative learning to classrooms. This particular technology ensures that students enjoy a counter-balance to the one-to-one technology movement, as students learn to complete assignments and work together as a group, rather than on an individual basis.

The Touchjet Pond Projector will work this way – it transforms just about any wall or table surface into an 80” interactive touchscreen, as students and teachers can display and interact with Android educational apps, which will in turn foster group problem solving and social learning.

Right now, the Touchjet Pond Projector is seeing action in select classrooms, including the Austin Independent School District, and it has picked up its fair share of bouquets from both teachers and administrators. For instance, group reading lessons can be carried out thanks to various reading apps, while integrated coding sessions that make use of and teachers’ coding programs help make learning more fun. It is tiny enough to fit in the palm of the hand, making it ultra-portable. It will run on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, which in turn provides it with access to hundreds of thousands of apps that can be downloaded directly to the device via Google Play.

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