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Touchejet WAVE transforms your TV into a touchscreen-capable device

touchjet-waveSo you pride yourself in purchasing a spanking new 4K Ultra HD TV, and wish to trumpet this fact to all and sundry who drop by your home this holiday season as you throw one of your annual parties. Well, while such an extremely high definition screen in your living room is definitely impressive, make sure you have the right kind of footage to go along with the resolution count, otherwise it would be somewhat akin to using low grade fuel on a thoroughbred sports car. Why not up the ante with the rest of your family and friends whom you suspect might have also jumped aboard the 4K Ultra HD TV bandwagon? Drop by your local Best Buy and pick up the Touchjet WAVE instead.

The Touchjet WAVE will be able to transform your large screen TV into one huge touchscreen tablet. Yes sir, you read that right. Why not make what is already mind blowing in terms of the kind of image quality that it can churn out, and augment its functionality? Sure, the TV might already be “smart” in one way or another, but with the Touchjet WAVE, you will be able to gain another level of interactivity. Small businesses might want to look into this as well as an information kiosk alternative.

Retailing for $299.99 a pop, the Touchjet WAVE will be able to attach itself to just about any flat screen up to 65″ and run any kind of Android app. It will do so without requiring you to hook up your TV to a laptop, or to make use of any kind of extra pesky cables. This delivers the functionality of commercial class touchscreen devices without breaking the bank. With the Touchjet WAVE, you can use a swipe of your finger, a stylus, or other device to navigate your way through the app or interface. The Touchjet WAVE itself will be powered by a 2.0GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, alongside an integrated optical touch sensor that has support for a quartet of touch point.

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