TouchBook device introduces interactive pages

touchbook.jpgHave you ever wondered how it feels like to hold a Victoria’s Secret catalog in your hands which could interact with everyday household items like your notebook, home PC, as well as television? Wonder no more as the TouchBook brings TUI technology into lives worldwide with a reader that enables users to interact with the icons and words inside that subsequently retrieve digital content from another device. This means printed material can be turned into a remote control for digital content. Imagine clicking a product on the catalog, only to have it fire up the Web browser on your PC that brings you to the store’s online checkout counter with the item in mind already in the shopping cart.

The TouchBook Application Connection uses a sensor-based system which is housed in the cardboard where the hardback book resides, ensuring that the pages of the book will remain as thin as a standard page without any electronics jutting out. There are plenty of practical applications that one can think of when it comes to a development as interesting as this. Imagine flipping through an encyclopedia and you need to find a reference in a different volume. There is no need to get off your comfortable chair – just press on the link and your Web browser will fire up the correct page and the appropriate content (most probably in the form of a Wiki, who knows?). Each TouchBook will set you back by approximately $40, while the BookCreation software comes free as a bonus.