Touch-sensitive, holographic keyboard

We’ve already discussed the anachronism that is the PC-102 button keyboard and its possible brainwave-activated replacement. Alas that was one gadget that won’t be ready for another 5 to 10 years, but this fantastic-looking, futuristic, touch sensitive keyboard is available now for £130 ($230); appropriately enough from “”.

I found this via softpedia, who described it as a holographic keyboard. But it’s not really a hologram; it’s just a projected display, but of course that’s like saying the Ferrari Enzo is “just a car”. Like the Enzo, this gadget looks terrific and can hook up to any Bluetooth enabled device, such as a PC, laptop, PDA etc. The QWERTY keyboard display is projected onto a non-reflective surface, and detects the exact location where you touch the keyboard, relaying the keystroke back to your computer.

The keyboard is portable too. It comes with its own case, is only 9 x 3.5 x 2.5cm in size, and can run for 120 minutes on batteries, or can use its own mains adaptor.

The manufacturers claim that it will work in a standard-lit room, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks best with the lights turned down low. Apparently there are sound-effects too, which has me drooling, I have to confess.

The virtual keyboard can operate at 400 keystrokes a minute, which is more than fast enough for this two-fingered hack, but could be an issue for some. Personally, I’d rather break my fingers to slow myself down a little, rather than miss out on having one of these!

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