Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch

Marking your workout’s progress can be quite a chore, but then again, I supposed if you have the discipline to work out each day without having to drag yourself out of bed, keeping track of your health record should not be too hard to do. The $99.99 Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch might help you out here, where it enables easy monitoring of your heart rate in order to maintain and improve on your cardio intensity target.
Basically, the Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch delivers an accurate reading to you without the need to wear an uncomfortable chest strap, and neither do you need to fiddle around with a wide range of function buttons while ensuring your activity level remains at the same, high intensity pace. All you need to do is touch The Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch’s bezel, and within seconds, you will be able to see what your current heart rate is. The LCD display is a snap to read, and it also doubles up as a watch, calendar and stopwatch. Love exercising at dusk? Fret not, there is a light-up display to help you there. Since the New Year is tonight, why not make a resolution and sweat away those pounds in 2012, with the help of the Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch?