Touch Bionics announces brand new i-LIMB Pulse

Touch Bionics has just announced its latest bionic medical device that ought to stoke the hearts of those looking for an unprecedented, agile yet affordable (relatively speaking, of course) bionic hand known as the i-LIMB Pulse. This will be the next logical as well as evolutionary step forward from the i-LIMB Hand, which incidentally was the first commercially available bionic hand in the world for the masses. The i-LIMB Pulse proves to be a significant advance for the i-LIMB product line, where users will be able to take advantage of a host of enhancements such as pulsing grip strength, software-enabled grip patterns and robust aluminium features for improved strength.

The i-LIMB Pulse certainly has a long pedigreed line which in the past joins a family of products that has been fitted to more than 1,200 patients worldwide. The i-LIMB Pulse is now another option for folks who want something better than the current i-LIMB Hand, where both products are made available to customers depending on the patients’ preferences. Of course, being newer, you can be sure that the i-LIMB Pulse has taken Touch Bionics’ past experiences in the marketplace to come up with a trailblazer of bionic technology and clinical support.

The i-LIMB Pulse relies on Touch Bionics’ patented pulsing technology that will offer increasing and controllable grip strength. Whenever the i-LIMB Pulse closes on an object, you will be able to opt to activate the pulsing feature to apply significant additional grip force, while enabling the device to grasp an object ever more tightly. Thanks to these high-frequency electronic pulses, users are able to indulge in everyday activities such as tying shoelaces or doing-up a belt in a jiffy. This could very well be a prelude to bionic human parts that we’ve seen Anakin Skywalker sport when he had his hand lobbed off by Count Dooku during his younger days, eh? The aluminium chassis enables the i-LIMB Pulse’s robust design to make it the toughest prosthetic device yet from Touch Bionics, where it can carry a load of up to 90kg.

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