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Touch Activated Cordless Lamp ensures you don’t trip over in the dark

touch-activated-lampI simply cannot stress enough the importance of having some sort of night light in the vicinity – after all, you would not want to stumble around in the middle of the night and stub your toe against the edge of a cabinet or table leg, would you? Doing so would mean not only physical injury, and perhaps a broken toenail, but also opens up the door for you to let loose a fair number of obscenities that you have not used for eons. Hence, a night light beside the bed is cool, but even better yet is, if the night light happens to be touch activated. This means there is no need to fumble around for a switch. The $39.95 Touch Activated Cordless Lamp goes one step further, however, as you can tell by its name that it will also lose the wires altogether.

The Touch Activated Cordless Lamp , as its name implies, turns on or off when touched anywhere on its frame. Up to 120 hours of light is provided on a mere trio of AA batteries, and if this is going to be a permanent feature in your home, I would highly recommend that you make use of rechargeable batteries. Twenty-three LEDs provide 360° of bright white downward illumination that makes it ideal for reading or working on crafts, while the three-stage dimmer would enable one to adjust the brightness using just a touch anywhere on the lamp. The lamp will turn itself off automatically after four hours of continuous illumination so that battery power is conserved, and since it is lightweight and cordless in nature, it is easy to place anywhere in your home.

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