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The Totoro Thermos is perfect for a hike through the forest

Totoro Thermos

Sometimes we buy things purely because of their function. Most often though, we sink money into something cute just because it’s cute, despite the fact that it doesn’t serve any other purpose. When you can find an equal balance of being adorable and useful, then that’s all the better, making it easier to justify parting with money.

This Stardice Totoro Thermos is perfect for lovers of all things from the movie My Neighbor Totoro, and those who also want to keep their coffee hot. This fat cartoonish depiction of the big guy himself on the container paired with some knobby ears on the lid and a leaf safety lock fulfills its purpose of tying directly to the movie while still keeping its functionality. Of course, just because the lid will stay on doesn’t mean it’s completely worth the extra moolah you could be spending on a fancier thermos, but it’s all about aesthetics anyhow.

This stainless steel vacuum insulation works for hot or cold drinks, and the interior can hold 280 mL. Through this little thermos your drink should stay how you’d like it for up to 6 hours. You’ll be looking at parting with $14.99 if you’re interested, but keep in mind that a little more than a cup of liquid is not going to provide much in the way of hydration or caffeine. The plus side is that anyone who knows what your container is referencing will likely comment, and you’ll gain a new friend!

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