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The Totem recycling bin keeps trash separated

JosephJoseph bin

How often do you organize your trash? The answer is that you don’t, because once it goes in the bin you will forget about it for the rest of time. Of course, just because you’re not thinking about it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a reason pollution is a thing, and while we can’t really stop the damage, we can start working on not being as bad about our trash.

The JosephJoseph Totem waste bin is going to help you sort out your garbage by having specialty compartments for each type of waste. There’s a 36 liter general waste compartment, 24 liter multi-purpose drawer, and a 4 liter compartment for food so that anyone who has the ability to compost can keep their leftovers in the smaller compartment until the bag is full. They’ve even included an odor filter so you don’t have to trash this bag when it’s half full due to the smell alone.

The bottom drawer can be separated with a divider if you want to keep plastic and glass separate, or you can keep the 4-liter container in the bottom to hide away the stink a little more. There are 50 and 60L bins available, with the only difference being 10L between the bottom compartments. This will cost you around $299.99, and you can choose between graphite and stone, which don’t seem terribly different, but who am I to judge?

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