The Totem Pen is the best way to keep yourself distracted during a meeting

totem pen

Sitting through a meeting can be a very draining experience. Some people just like to use big words and hear themselves talk for an inordinate amount of time. While we are expected to sit quietly and take in hours of information, there’s a good chance your mind is going to wander off on its own if you don’t have something to keep you occupied.

While you can’t exactly pull out your phone and start playing a¬†game, you can find different ways to have fun without disrupting anyone. The Totem Pen is a 6061 aluminum alloy pen that screws into a spinning top base. This is the perfect way to take notes, and make sure that you can still focus without drifting off. They brought up modern mythology, saying that if the top continues to spin, you’re dreaming. If it stops, you’re not. I’m assuming they think you’re going to start snoozing during a conference call (not that any of us has ever done that).

If you want to make a game of your meeting, unscrew the pen, spin the top, write notes as fast as you can, and should you be spinning the top in the opposite direction of the threading, the pen will screw itself back in. You can get this pen in anodized silver for $50, or black matte for $52. This was made to be refilled by Pilot G2 cartridges, so you don’t need to worry about custom ordering anything specific from this company.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter