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Toshiba works on new internal and external hard drives

toshiba-canvioIt goes without saying that in this current digital environment, there will be many of us who tend to run out of storage space – and fast, too! This is because of the sheer number of files that we have to handle, in addition to the fact that the sheer number of megapixels crammed into our smartphone cameras continue to climb at an alarming rate. In short, one has to go through one of two ways to overcome the issue of storage space shortage – be more selective of what you would like to copy over, or to get even more storage. Toshiba’s latest offerings will target the latter group of people, where they have just announced a brand new 6TB capacity for the Toshiba Canvio Desk 3.5” External USB 3.0 Hard Drive and Toshiba Desk 3.5” Internal Serial ATA 3.0 Hard Drive, with both of these devices being able to a convenient and reliable method of increasing the storage capacity of your computer in the form of either as an upgrade or extension of your computer.

For starters, the Toshiba Canvio Desk external hard drive will arrive preloaded with software in order to make the backup process fast and simple. The system recovery software will perform a scan of your system before recommending the best coverage for your computer. You will then be able to select between backing up your files to the cloud or backing up your files and folders to your Canvio Desk hard drive.

Maciek Brzeski, Vice President of Branded Storage Products, Toshiba Digital Products Division, shared, “Toshiba has been developing and manufacturing hard drives for more than 20 years. The time is right to upgrade our offerings not only to meet, but to exceed consumers’ expectations by expanding the offerings of our internal and external 3.5” hard drives.”

Do expect the Canvio Desk 3.5” Internal and External Hard Drives to be available for purchase this coming May 2015, where either model will sport a 3-year limited warranty and an asking price of $369 a pop.

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