Toshiba TabletMan wows the crowds

We humans are a creative lot, and here is one method for you to take into consideration if you want to show off your latest range of tablets. The Toshiba “TabletMan” global promotion continues to wow the crowd, where he is now over at his first destination, which is the little red dot known as Singapore. The whole exercise of TabletMan is this – to help raise Toshiba’s brand awareness as well as understanding of Toshiba, while simultaneously promoting its innovative collection of tablets to the masses. I am not too optimistic about this entire marketing plan, as it might be a novelty to those who stumble upon the TabletMan, but will it really sway their minds away from the iPad and the Galaxy Tabs out there?
TabletMan is actually a fusion which merges together humanity and technology. Sporting an extremely cool appearance, he is also accompanied by a slew of LED sensors and tablet applications, helping lead mankind to the future. With the TabletMan’s appearances at events, he is able to function as a bridge in order to facilitate human communication, where folks can then share their opinion online on how they are able to think about the future of human beings via the Facebook network.
Ever since he appeared over in Singapore, TabletMan’s Facebook page has actually picked up over 50,000 fans in a matter of just one fortnight, and the number of fans is expected to further increase, although how much more the increase will be depends.
Singapore is the first stop for TabletMan, and moving forward, he will also pay additional visits to other countries as well as regions, hoping to deliver more stories of other folks living worldwide, who hail from different backgrounds and cultures online, sketching out together “What our future will be?” Having said that, are you impressed with TabletMan’s endeavors and adventures so far?
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