Toshiba Tablet PC review (and what’s good to load on a new machine)

toshiba lappy tabletSo as mentioned, I’ ordered and received my Toshiba Tablet PC,

well it’s here! I want to be careful of what I load so it stays light, mean and useful.

Its loaded with a CD-R/DVD, loads of RAM and power, built in thumb print scanner and SD card reader. Best of all, a wonderful stylus that allows me to draw on the screen. It just rocks.

The thumb print scanner seemed useless, until I realized that my ridiculously long password is a thing of the past, I just need to swipe my finger,, I’m starting to like that convenience.

As for the stylus control, it could be a tad tighter, but it’s still miles better than even the best Wacom pad (trust me, I’ve been using them for years!)

The SD card reader being built in is just great, it’s already saved me from having to go home with loaded cards, I just blast em in there and keep taking pictures!

Here is the software I’ve loaded so far (you have to keep reading). My list is the standard Adobe design batch (Illustrator/Photoshop), Rhino, and SolidWorks. Ahh Solidworks, (I’ve got an older version).

As for the rest of it, the machine comes with Microsoft’s OneNote, it makes the tablet ROCK! With OneNote writing, notetaking, and general document/sketching is just like using an actual notebook, only it’s organized and useful, (if you like that sort of thing).

Oh yeah, and everything from here down is a FREE download! (yes, we’ll roughly call it the Fred’s coolest gadgets list’O magic software).

I’m also going to load Open Office, because,, it works great, and does almost everything Office does.unboxing

Skype, because I want to talk.

Google Earth, because I can’t live without it (sheepishly I note I use the Google screensaver from their pack).

iTunes,, because my iPod sucks without it and I love podcasts (will we do one? will I do one? Who knows?!)

Convert (because it has all the conversions and it works really well!)lappy thumbprint

PDF Creator, (make .pdfs for gosh sakes,, open source of course.

Let me know what I’ve missed. What are your suggestions?

A special thanks again to the gang at Allegiance Technology Partners! They’re the best when it comes to tablet and convertible notebooks. Ask for John or the new guy Hal. They’re great! (thanks again guys).

Some of you with very little outdoor lives may have noticed that I’ve been a little light on posting s lately, trade shows are a drag and take a bunch of time, sometimes, they’re not even blog-worthy (yes, that dull).side of tablet

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