Toshiba MKxx29GSG series announced

Just in case some of you don’t remember, Toshiba does make hard drives as well in addition to computers, so here we are presented with its new 1.8″ MKxx29GSG series of hard drives that come in three different high capacity models to suit your taste (and budget). Among them is the first 250GB 1.8″ hard drive in the world, so be prepared to see more and more mobile devices that roll out next year to feature this little storage wonder. In the meantime, continue reading after the jump for more details on the MKxx29GSG series.

This is a third-generation 5,400 RPM SATA 1.8″ hard drive that will also come in 120GB and 160GB capacities, and they too boast a fast data transfer rate which is able to hit 3Gbps. Not only that, your data is made even more secure thanks to the inclusion of Toshiba’s state-of-the-art free fall sensor option, which is able to offer enhanced protection from external shock and vibration events. A hard drive at this size and performance capability is required these days for computing applications, and it also frees up previous restrictions for PC manufacturers to further miniaturize notebook designs without sacrificing functionality.

The MKxx29GSG series also has a minimal impact on the environment as it is part of Toshiba’s ever growing line of environmentally safe storage products. It does so by offering improved energy consumption, eliminating specified hazardous halogens and discontinuing the use of certain chemical substances. They won’t be available at this point in time, but will only begin volume shipment to PC manufacturers as well as distribution partners when December rolls around. It would be interesting to see new portable media players include this Toshiba 1.8” hard drive from next year onwards – guess we can see a further miniaturization of iPods as well as larger capacities?

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