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Toshiba and Electrolux Escargot snail vacuum cleaner

escargotI think we all know what comes to mind when we think of a vacuum cleaner. You know, that stand up job with the wide front? I don’t think that vacuum cleaner design has changed in the past 30 years.

You got to admire that Toshiba, in a partnership with Electrolux, has created the Escargot, a vacuum that looks like a snail.

It’s always good to see a concept device that is “borrowed” from nature. The Escargot rolls up like that slimy gastropod, but it will fit in between the space of the large wheels that make up the Escargot’s “shell”.

It weighs about 2.1 kilograms, and it can it can be rolled around or carried with a shoulder strap. My source does not reveal how large this vacuum cleaner is, but if it was as large as a regular vacuum, than it wouldn’t be so compact, would it?

Personally, I’m already sold on it just by its shape alone. In fact, I highly recommend that Toshiba paints it in bright colors to look like Gary the snail from Spongebob Squarepants.

Yeah, I realize that that is unlikely, because by the time this concept probably sees the light of sales, Spongebob will have been canceled.