Toshiba delivers an encrypted USB flash drive

toshiba-encrypted-usb-flash-driveIt goes without saying that we have had our fair share of information and news concerning digital systems being compromised – and data has been stolen along the way, of course. Now, this is definitely not the kind of scenario in which one would find oneself in – and hence, it might be a better idea to ensure that we all do our respective parts to minimize the possibility of data theft. If you are going to carry sensitive information around on a USB flash drive, make sure that those documents will be password protected, and better yet, if such data can be encrypted. Having said that, Toshiba might have just the thing for you with the Toshiba Encrypted USB flash drive that delivers military grade protection for sensitive data, using an innovative hardware security device with enough storage space to pack in up to 32GB of stuff within.

The Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive’s security simply cannot be understated, where it delivers a robust, secure (military grade AES 256-bit encryption), is easy to use and is an affordable solution so that it can safely make sensitive data portable. In other words this is ideal for enterprise companies, government agencies and concerned consumers.

Depending on your needs (and budget, of course), the Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive will arrive in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities. It will make use of the built-in mini-keyboard in order to authenticate access, while incorporating a rechargeable battery for the user to enter a secure code prior to plugging it into a USB port. From there, users will just need to enter their secure PIN and plug the drive into any USB 2.0 port on a compatible device. The moment access is granted, the drive will then “unlock” the media, which permits clearance to all of the content stored on the drive. Once you are done with your task and remove the drive from a USB port, the drive will automatically re-lock itself and encrypt the stored media, now how about that?

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