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Toshiba creates home Nuclear power plant

Toshiba Nukes

Who needs Three Mile Island or Chernobyl when you can have dozens, if not hundreds of mini meltdowns in your very own neighborhood? That may be a nightmare scenario which has little basis in fact, but that’s the stigma that Toshiba will have to combat if it wants to see its 200 kilowatt micro nuclear reactor take off. The mini reactor measures 20 feet by 6 feet and is designed to be “fail-safe, totally automatic and will not overheat.” The reactor will have an energy production half life of 20 years and has the promise to make cheap electricity for around a nickel per kilowatt hour.”

RadioActive man

Sadly, though, even if the engineering is solid and the estimates accurate, facts are seldom in line with fears. Anti nuclear forces choose to ignore the nearly 5 decades of safe nuclear operations of US, British and Russian navies all over the world, plus the safe operations of nuclear plants in the U.S. and Europe. Instead, they choose to focus on the dramatic “China syndrome” scenarios brought about by two nuclear plants that failed. As such, there hasn’t been a nuclear power plant built in the U.S. in almost forty years.

But that isn’t stopping Toshiba from plans to them in Japan next year (you gotta love the irony), with the hope is to have these home reactors in the US by 2009.

Besides, with the glow, we won’t need to replace our lightbulbs!

Source: DVice (Scifi)

10 thoughts on “Toshiba creates home Nuclear power plant”

  1. what do you with nuclear wast? & what if this go to wrong hand; it chould build nuclear warhead or nuclear bomb.

  2. Those so called nearly five decades of “safe” nuclear reactor operations were not so safe, if the author of this article had done his research he would have known that there have been many, many accidents and close calls. And loss of life in some of the accidents. In addition there is a regular release of radioactive gas that builds up and it has been known and published that there is a much higher incidence of cancers and other diseases nearby and down wind from nuclear reactors. But you don’t need to believe me, consult the noted and mainstream Nuclear physicist Michio Kaku.

  3. Well all those comments, if true, makes it better. The less people we have the better. More for us..

  4. Well it appears every single person who has posted on this page thus far (especially the author) is a complete and total moron. It just so happens that the Toshiba power plant is not designed in any way that is even close to those that were designed 30 years ago (which have a chance to meltdown). If all you hippies would pull your pipes out of your asses and research (or even think) before you speak, you’d know that 1) There is no possible way to build a nuclear warhead from nuclear waste. 2) It is a physical IMPOSSIBILITY for the Toshiba design to meltdown, it will simply shut off. 3) The material (small pellets which can be safely handled with a naked hand) in said Toshiba plant are 100% recyclable, and therefore yield no waste. Why don’t you all grow up.

  5. This idea of personal nuclear power has massive global implications due to the fact oil would be less dependent upon and oil rich countries would loose out on revenue. The only way home reactors would be accepted by culture is if these units were safe and reliable. Now all that uranium needed is another topic but a home needing no gas and electricity for 20 years sounds nice. A very complicated issue but a positive one however. The only thing holding nuclear power on a commercial level back, in my opinion is the unfortunate fact we killed millions of innocent people in 1945 by unleashing the worst capabilities nuclear power could produce. I strongly back the use of nuclear power not only b/c it would lessen the need for oil, take out some of the incredible power oil has on this world and have uranium regulated in a way that’s positive. I have only one image when nuclear energy pops in my head and that is “NUCLEAR WAR” easy ,but we don’t need weapons grade uranium to run lets say a home reactor or a state reactor and so on. Maybe a new form of energy will be discovered and let us approach the limits of light speed or have a vehicle with no emissions. Our culture is a young one and is in for a many problems ie over population, poverty,hunger and so on. WE are a form of life in this universe with little knowledge on whats out there when u look at the stars. We rely on the sun for everything and it’s a huge mass of nuclear energy. And we don’t consider the sun as a bad thing. We need a breakthrough and be able to explore; just like Columbus did, it’s the only way this culture will survive.

  6. It amazes me how few people know the facts about modern nuclear power.

    Look up “passive reactor” and you’ll find out that it is physically impossible for a modern reactor to explosively melt down.

  7. I wish more people would take an intro to nuclear physics class. You would learn that the reactor cannot blow up like an atomic bomb. Contrary to popular belief it is a little more difficult than you think to build an atomic bomb. If it were easy then every country in the world would be a nuclear power. The only reason Chernobyl was so bad, was due to the fact that the people running the reactor purposefully shut down the failsafes to test turbine spin after electrical failure. Plus this reactor type (RBMK) was of inferior design and before/during/after the Chernobyl incident, went through major modification and upgrades. Now…the really big deal was the fallout that reached the population, but this was caused by the fire/smoke. Yes, the destruction of the reactor caused the fire, but that was coincidental. If there had been no fire there would not have been as much fallout. Chernobyl is the worst incident, but it was one that could have been avoided if safety in the plant took more priority. Besides, communism is far more deadly than nuclear reactors. 150,000,000 dead and counting.

    The fact of the matter is that nuclear power has the best safety record on the books. You can’t make it blow up like an A-bomb, as the reactors simply cannot create an efficient enough fission reaction or create the reaction quickly enough. There is a wonderful place specially built to store the spent fuel rods, but the hippies successfully shut that facility down. So where is the spent fuel stored now. At the reactor site.

    The type of reactor explained in this article is called a Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. This is the next gen in nuclear reactors. They use very small amounts of uranium and the uranium is safe to handle due to the “pebble” coating. They are safe as they cannot meltdown and don’t have the problem of steam explosion vulnerability. They are at risk to an outside explosion, which makes me believe that there will not be a “home” based reactor anytime soon, but any industrial sized reactor would have a reinforced concrete containment structure. The spent fuel is also much more difficult to reuse, but this lowers their nuclear weapons proliferation. Plus most spent fuel from reactors are transmuted and used in different types of reactors. Kinda like recycling nuclear waste.

    Anyway…this is a topic I think people need to research and discuss to form an educated opinion on. Try not to let bias and social pressure, or even misinformation colour your opinion. Do the research with an open mind and use logic to guide you. Don’t drink the Kool-aid. For an easy to follow everyman’s guide to physics, check out “Physics for Future Presidents”. Peace.

  8. The more nuclear power gens you have, the more chance things can go wrong.

  9. I researched the idea of mini nuclear generation for home use and discovered its in the works already.Personally,if it eliminates fossil fuels and funding to opec,especially middle eastern sales,I am for it.The pellets enrichment and handling concerns me,making weapons grade concerns me,shooting it with an artillery shell concerns me but if thia can be worked out,steam generated power from nuclear fission is the way to go.FPL and all the power companies have cartelled the energy industry and I want off their Fking leashes already.Solar power is coming along but CIGS and monocrystaline panels are expensive and never a nickel per kilo watt.Nuclear power might be the way to go if you live on acreage and your ground can support this safely.I would like to have this.

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