Toshiba claims the mantle of world’s fastest SD card

Toshiba says their new SDHC cards are the fastest in the world.

Back in the golden age of ocean going travel, companies like Cunard, White Star and the like were involved in a travel style arms race, each vying for the fastest steam ship. And the winner was usually the one who travelled from London to New York in the fastest time (as signified by the Blue Riband Trophy). Well, tech companies are doing the same thing with SD cards, each vying for both the largest and fastest SD cards on the market. Toshiba is now claiming to have the fastest in the world … let’s take a look.

In today’s HD Video obsessed market, write speed is as important as storage size since cameras are writing tremendous amounts of digital data onto those SD cards. And Toshiba’s cards are claiming blazing read/write speeds of 95Mbps and 80Mbps respectively. With that kind of speed, videographers will also be able to enjoy faster transfer speeds once USB 3.0 is all the rage.

Look for them in sizes of 8GB to 32GB in SDHC and 4GB to 16GB in microSDHC formats, where all are compliant to the SD 3.0 standard and will be due in December – just in time to make excellent stocking stuffers.

Hat Tip – The Giz

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