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ToryTrack Gigi touchscreen smartwatch

torytrack-gigi-smartwatchWhen it comes to wearing a watch, there is quite a number of us who have already migrated to the smartwatch platform. After all, we cannot get enough of our mobile devices as well as the kind of constant notifications that stream in, be it from out email inbox to our social media profiles and instant messaging programs. A smartwatch is a useful accessory to have for the modern day road warrior, although it is not considered to be an essential tool. If you are a high powered executive, chances are it would be of more use as opposed to a regular office drone, but for those who would want a sprinkling of style to go with functionality, the ToryTrack Gigi touchscreen smartwatch is right up your alley.

 For starters, the ToryTrack Gigi touchscreen smartwatch is a state-of-the-art smartwatch that brings about balance to both fashion and functionality. It will be powered by the latest Wear OS software from Google, where it includes the ability to keep track of your heart rate, being able to accompany you while you swim, help you perform mobile payments where supported, as well as keep track of your activities and movement via untethered GPS, among others.

Touted to be the ultimate convergence of Tory Burch design and wearable technology, it will merge the elegance of an analog watch alongside the capabilities of a world-class smartwatch. Specially inspired by the Gigi, which is an iconic, classic design that happens to be one of the brand’s bestselling styles, the ToryTrack Gigi touchscreen smartwatch will arrive in a trio of distinct finishes: polished gold-tone, silver-tone and black stainless steel. All of them will sport an interchangeable rubber, grosgrain and leather strap options in order to help you mix and match your wardrobe.

Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform, the new ToryTrack Gigi touchscreen smartwatch plays nice with both iPhone and Android platforms. It will retail for $395 apiece for those who are interested.

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