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Torpedo Projector lets kids go big …

Torpedo Entertainment Projector II

With today’s obsession for high definition television, what’s a kid to do when dad invests thousands into the HDTV in the den, but leaves him with a paltry 20” TV for his room? Particularly when that same kid plays cool video games like Madden Football, Halo or rock out to Guitar Hero. Well, the Torpedo Entertainment Projector may be the very answer for the gadget obsessed kid who wants to not only eliminate enemy badguys, but also enjoy a good hour of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ed: do they still show that?) on TV. Costing in the neighborhood of $170, this projector television can project an image six feet high at a resolution of 940×240 resolution.


Torpedo Entertainment Projector

What’s cool though is the 60” image can be displayed from a little over eight feet from the wall surface. Connects to your video or gaming system to create a 60″ diagonal picture when placed 100″ from projection surface. In addition, it comes with standard a/v plugs, built-in speakers, headphone jack and built-in amp. Works with most DVD players, video game consoles, digital cameras, iPod, cable/satellite boxes and even your PC if your video card has standard RCA plugs.

It may not come in HD (yet) but for kids, bigger is always better.

Available at Wal-Mart, Target, or online at Hammacher, and

3 thoughts on “Torpedo Projector lets kids go big …”

  1. crappy plastic toy.. dont buy it.. the fan is very loud and the picture quality is very poor.. not worth any money at all.

  2. This is a great toy!!!!!

    It is so easy to use, affordable, and it really beats the flat screen t.v. system. For less than $170 I am able to connect my torpedo to virtually any electronic device!

    I highly recommend the Torpedo to any and all and I think this is a hot item for the holiday season!

  3. i got one for under $100 new. it will not replace a new TV in your home, but its great for any one that has a collection of old Black and White movies. B&W movies show really good on this, Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, 3 Stooges or what ever you watch. I will recommend it for adults who are into old movies like Gun Smoke.

    It will also show ANIMATION titles as well not as great as B&w but good for the price. seeing your favorite cartoon 6 feet wide at home can be a happy experience. I would like to see Pirates of Dark Water at home with it, i can only dream.

    I recommend this for any one that wants something new and cheap to enjoy their TV experience and are willing to try out which shows show well and which don’t.

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