Topside oil changer

Topside oil changer

Frequent oil changes are essential to the long term health of any car, and this gadget should be on the wish list of anyone who wants to save money by doing their own oil changes.

If you’ve ever done a DIY oil change the old-fashioned way, I’m sure you’ll know how it goes. You’ll get dirty, probably burn yourself on the exhaust manifold, and finally get your hands and wrists covered in oil, when at last you manage to get the drain plug off!

These days, I pay a nice man to do it for me, but how easier it would have been with one of these Topside oil changers. Simply get the engine nice and hot and put the hose in the tube for oil dipstick, and pinch it off with the inline valve. Build up a vacuum with the attached pump and then release the valve and hey presto; the oil is drawn out of the engine.

The waste oil is collected in the sealable canister, along with any sludge too apparently.

I found this via Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools website, and as far as I can tell he tests and reviews all the featured gadgets himself.

The Topside oil changer costs $45 and got a “thumbs up” from Kevin, which is good enough for me!