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Topodo Allows You to Create Moving Toys, Without Batteries

For those who are looking for the latest and greatest construction toy, like Lego or K’nex, then you have found what you are looking for with the Topodo.

Topodo is designed by people at the MIT Media lab, and allows the user to create projects that can walk and do other actions of motion. That may sound like Lego’s Mindstorms NXT, but in this case, the Topodo user does not need a computer, or even batteries.

That’s right, no batteries are required to make these toys move, as the Topodo comes with a special set of kinetic memory motors. They work by having the user moving the limbs or body parts, and these special parts will reproduce the action, enabling creations to walk across the floor without power.

Yeah, the kinetic memory motors definitely sets Topodo apart from other construction toys, but what really makes them stand out is they don’t require any high-tech experience to make them fun. In short, it is a toy for all ages.

Sadly, the company that makes Topodo will only make a limited number of these sets. There is also no word of when this toy will be available to the consumer, and there is also no word on a price, either.


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