TomTom and Fiat 500 team up for new navigation system

fiat-500-tomtomThere are many things to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a car, where among them include fuel economy (a very important point right now), as well as the kind of bells and whistles that you get for the amount of money that you’re forking out. Perhaps after reading this, you might be interested to drop by the nearest Fiat showroom. It seems as though new Fiat 500 drivers will be able to enjoy the best of TomTom connected navigation, as for the very first time on a Fiat 500, the embedded infotainment system will boast of the full TomTom experience with fresh maps, a superior routing engine and includes five years of TomTom’s Live connected suite of services.

How about that? After all, getting stuck in traffic is no one’s idea of fun, and TomTom’s Live connected suite of services happen to be a highly accurate world-class traffic service, complete with live speed cameras and weather alerts, accompanied by a rich local search function for Points of Interest. The TomTom connected services happen to be part of FCA’s Uconnect LIVE offering, and will be made available on the Fiat 500x, although it will also arrive on further selected models and countries across Europe in due time.

I do wonder whether Lavazza’s coffee maker for your Fiat will still be included in the newer models or not, although that sure as heck was an extremely novel idea! The TomTom LIVE services will include TomTom Traffic that offers up-to-date traffic information, letting you get to your destinations faster than ever before. You can also save more money in the long run as there will be mobile and fixed speed camera alerts each time you drive. With TomTom Weather, drivers are able to receive local and five-day forecasts in order for them to make plans based on the latest weather, which is essential if you intend to make a cross country trip somewhere.

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