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TokyoFlash combines earth and extraterrestrial for the Kisai Space Digits Wood LCD watch

Kisai Space Digits Wood LCD Watch
We look towards the sky and see only blue spotted with clouds. What lies beyond our field of vision aside from stars and what a a telescope can show us is unknown. We have theorized for a very long time that there are other forms of life out there, but we can’t know for sure. Until we discover anything, we’ll just imagine what otherworldly creatures might look like, as well as their culture, method of writing, and more.

Much like a Tokyoflash watch, maybe it will be something that is easy to understand once we learn the concept behind it. The Space Digits Wood LCD Watch plays on the idea of our search for this knowledge, receding into what seems like the eternal abyss of space through an arcade-style tunnel.  While the time may be more apparent, the date is also hiding on the display as well. Time reads left to right, while the date can be seen when reading top to bottom.

There are two options available at $99, which includes a Maple wood with gold LCD, or a red sandalwood with green LCD. They will be far more lightweight than similar styles which are made of metal. There is an alarm mode, and it has backlighting for night time should you need the assistance to see. It uses a standard replaceable battery, meaning you’ll have to get it replaced every few years.

Available for purchase on Tokyoflash