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Tokyoflash has four all-new Bluetooth Enabled Watches – who wood’ve guessed?

Tokyoflash has a special place in our hearts for making crazy and amazing time pieces of the likes we’ve never seen before. They’ve always been creative, using an outside the box approach to making an old favorite in a completely new way. Of course, now that connectivity is a big deal, it should only make sense that they would hop on the bandwagon.

There are 4 new Bluetooth-enabled watches rolling out, the Kisai Blade Wood Link, Kisai Xtal Wood Link, Kisai Spider Wood Link, and the Kisai Sequence Wood Link. The Xtal and Sequence both feature fabric mesh and dark sandalwood which takes on the appearance of a classic TV set. Both have regular and cryptic display options, but are read in different directions. The Spider is the most modern-looking with its transparent screen and web-like mode of telling time. The Blade features a wooden face with LEDs that are bright enough to show through the thin layer of dark sandalwood.

Theses new watches are capable of giving you call, email, sms, and social media alerts to make sure you’re always in the loop. There are also “find my phone” and proximity alerts so you’re never parted from your smartphone for long. These watches don’t have as long of a battery life at 5 days maximum, but the added features makes up for it. These are all going to be available for purchase at $109 until July 2nd, where they will go up in price a bit.

Available for purchase on Toykoflash