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TOKYObay’s robot alarm clocks

All geeks know from a young age that robots are cool. Yes on occasion we worry about them taking over the world and causing an apocalypse. However, we never can resist a mushy robot story like Wall-E or iRobot. Well if you’re looking for a cute robot, these alarm clocks should work just fine. The robots come in a few different shapes and styles, the best of course being the Tank robot. As it turns out, Tank loves cupcakes and demolition derbies.

Tokibot has a love for platform shoes, and rivet loves dancing and basketball. Making them all very well rounded robots. They come in several nice colors, green, red, black, blue. However, some of the individual models of the robots have less colors. Like Tank only comes in black or red. You can pick them all up at TOKYObay. They start out at $36 and go up to $45, the top price being Tank’s. They also sell plain keychains in robot form. They aren’t nearly as exciting, but definitely a cheaper alternative.

Source: BBGadgets