Toilet tank and aquarium combo

I’m still sort of wondering if this is one of the last remaining April Fool’s gadgets that are still lingering, but if no one’s actually made one of these cool bathroom accessories; then I will. Anyway, I’m a naïve trusting, sort of person, so I’ll take this gadget at face value.

This remarkable toilet combo does exactly what it says on the box, functioning as a toilet cistern and fish tank.

There are actually two tanks, the outer one is the aquarium and the inner one flushes the loo. But for goodness’s sake DON’T get confused and put the fish back in the wrong tank or you’ll have some explaining to do to the kids.

The kids will certainly love this loo though, not least because of the novelty idea of the fish tank in the toilet, but the in-built LED lighting will certainly brighten up their visits to the bathroom

There’s a water filter to keep help keep the PVC walls clean, and the tanks are designed to be easily dismountable for cleaning. So the thing’s fairly practical and not unreasonably priced at $400 when you think that it comes with everything except water and a few guppies!

Order it for the kids today. They say that money can’t buy you love; but this is one instance where I’m sure they’re wrong!

Found via Cool Buzz. Product page.