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This Toilet Sound Blocker helps nervous tinklers

Toilet Sound Blocker

You can’t really say what people’s bathroom practices are unless you are exceedingly close to them. Some are so uncomfortable with the notion of going to the bathroom in public that they will literally hold it for 12 or more hours just so they can go at home. I would say most people aren’t like that, but you honestly can’t know.

There are people who detest the thought of anyone hearing them deal with number 1 or 2, so much so that they develop anxiety over whether or not someone can hear them. If one of those humans is you, then you’re going to want the Toilet Sound Blocker. This is a big blue button that you install at home and will press whenever you need to do your business. Devices like this are more commonly found in Japan, and there, this sort of gadget is considered Eco-friendly as it is common for people to flush the toilet time and time again to mask the sound of their pee.

Obviously this is for home use unless you want it to live at the office bathroom, which might chance being stolen. It can be hung by tape or a wall screw depending on how permanently you want it to stay put. It will need 2 AA batteries to work, and the sound is adjustable up to 80 db. It’ll cost you $36, and would likely only be helpful for calming nervous minds when guests are over, unless you just hate the sound in general and want to block it out.

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