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Toe Mouse For Upper Body Handicaps

The Toe Mouse may seem ridiculous for the general public, but it’s not designed for the average person.  Instead, this was created with those in mind that have a disability to do with their upper limbs.  Instead of a mouse that requires you to move your hands, they could have this on the floor and move their mouse around all with the use of a couple of toes.  Now, I’m not sure how they’ll get past the keyboard issue, but it’s a start at the very least.

Of course if those of you with monkey toes want to be able to utilize the Flip Flop Mouse, I suppose that’s not all bad either. To work the mouse you just move it around like normal and there are sensors below the big toe and the second that help with the right and left clicks. This was designed by Liu Yi, so it’s not exactly something you’ll find at your local electronics store.  Hopefully it’s something that will soon be able to be used by the handicapped.

Source: Yanko

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