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Toasteroid – get creative with breakfast


While commercials about mornings show us beautiful people drinking a smoothie made of fresh, organic produce, we know that breakfast is hardly so glamorous. We’re lucky to cook an egg to go with our toast that is oftentimes eaten in the car on the way to work. If we’re going to be stuck with a bland breakfast, it doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to spruce up the morning.

While having a whole meal for breakfast will always be preferable, at least you have the option to jazz up your bread with the Toasteroid. This is a completely frivolous product that is aimed at families with restless children that need more things to do to allow their parents more prep time in the morning. It’s somewhat like the Selfie Toaster we’ve seen in the past, but this version is far more customizable.

The Toasteroid works with an app where you will get to choose what gets burned into your breakfast. To keep kids occupied or add some artistic flair to your morning meal, you can doodle on the app and have it put on your toast, have the forecast burned into the bread, or send a message to your loved ones who also happen to have this device. You can choose the time and coloration of the bread within the app, so there aren’t any buttons to worry about. This is an $85 gizmo that is completely a “why not” purchase that will, if nothing else, make your mornings more interesting.

Available for purchase on Kickstarter