Toast Strips Stamper

There is nothing quite like having some toast early in the morning for a hearty breakfast – assuming you have all the other accompanying cast like bacon and eggs, of course. Well, for some of us who prefer just plain toast with some butter or jam, don’t you think cutting it up into bite-sized pieces makes life a whole lot easier? This is where the Toast Strips Stamper comes in handy, where you rock the stamper over the yet-to-be-toasted slice of bread, throw it into the toaster (the bread), and when it is done according to your liking, just pull it apart – it is that simple! Those with a culinary eye will definitely find the Toast Strip Stamper to come in handy when creating dip-able toast, crust-less peanut butter and jelly, French toast strips, and fun party sandwiches. All for $3.99 a pop? We’re getting hungry enough to buy one – or a couple, already.