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Toast and Jam Bodywash Set

Fancy some toast and jam? Well, the one here from Firebox is not of the edible variety, and instead of leaving sticky marks all over your body, it is meant to cleanse off the day’s dirt and grime. Why, you ask? Well, this £6.99 purchase is actually a gift set that comes with a pot of bodywash (which looks almost too good to eat) and a toast-shaped sponge – letting you lather yourself all over with a smile on your face. After all, how many other people have this in their bathrooms? The Toast and Jam Bodywash Set is also a good reminder that it is time for a quick bites, especially when your mind has been pre-occupied with so many things at the office that you can’t even remember whether you had breakfast and lunch or not. This makes for a suitable gift or stocking filler for anyone in the family, although we’re not sure whether they’re willing to share its use in the communal bathroom or not….