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Toast Heated Pillow provides comfort and heat during those cold and lonely nights

toast-heated-pillowIt is always nice to sleep or take a break in a cool environment, where your feet are kept nice and warm, while your head does not feel as though it is being hemmed in and suffocated. Of course, if you happen to be married to someone, then having a partner to snuggle up to at night is always a nice and comforting thought, but if you are single, then a soft toy would come in handy. How about something more practical to keep you warm on those cold and lonely nights? The cute looking £29.99 Toast Heated Pillow will certainly be able to do the job – and melt some hearts along the way, too.

With the Toast Heated Pillow, you can snuggle up with a huge smiling slice of toast, where it will not only add a dash of charm to your bedroom, it will also remain lovely and warm for up to 4 hours. Charging it up is a snap – you can do so thanks to the included microUSB cable, where it boasts of a luxurious and soft and squishy feel. You can say that the Toast Heated Pillow is larger in size, and therefore a whole lot cuter and more cuddly than a boring hot water bottle. Best of all is, you need not worry about leaving a trail of crumbs all over your sofa!

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