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If you are tired with the ordinary type toaster that just toasts the bread with hint of anything special, then you could be looking for something like the Pop Art Toaster. Instead of just serving up a boring piece of over done toast, this toaster allows you to personalize each slice to suit your mood or the occasion that might be on a certain day, like birthdays or anniversaries.

Pop Art is a style of painting and printing which goes back to the sixties/seventies, however the toaster does not really produce a piece of art, but the pop part I suppose is where the toast pops up and the art is, well you get my drift here, it is all in the name.

The toaster itself is conventional apart from the fact that you are able to burn a pattern onto the toast, there are six designs so there is always a choice etc, this toaster puts the fun into breakfast this is especially when there are kids waiting for breakfast and you want encourage them to eat something healthy, with its simple operation and the plates are removable which means the pattern can be changed as you wish, makes this toaster an exciting addition to the kitchen.

The toaster features: 6 design plates, which create these patterns on your toast: double hearts, LUV U, flower, snowflake, cake and smiley face, 12 toasting levels, reheat and frozen, slide-out crumb tray, size 7-1/2Hx6-3/4Wx11L and comes in red, black, white, and blue.

The Pop Art toaster is priced at around $35

Source [Shiny Media]

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