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Tiwi – Better than a Nagging Mom

There are few things that strike terror in my heart as quickly and deeply as the thought that someday, sooner than I would like to admit, my little girl will be driving a car. Its hard to imagine the kid, who still cant get milk directly into the cereal bowl, will be out and on the open road. Joking aside, its an awesome thought, one made more ominous by the never ending news reports of teenagers making deadly mistakes while they are still learning to drive.
I’d like to introduce you to Tiwi, who may very well be your teens next best driving companion. Tiwi mounts to the vehicles windshield or dashboard and monitors acceleration, braking, speed limits and driving patterns. Tiwi then analyzes the data and in real time, verbally assists your teen driver, by telling them to slow down, buckle up or to stop driving so aggressively. Tiwi provides parents with alerts and notifications via text messages, emails or a phone call.
The benefits of the Tiwi don’t stop there. Tiwi offers a Street-by Street option that like a GPS, recognizes posted speed limits for certain roads, but the Tiwi takes things a step further by recognizing the speed of the teen’s vehicle. The makers of the Tiwi don’t look at their device as just a monitor, they believe that Tiwi is actually a mentor, and will assist teens in becoming better drivers. 
Parents can decide on which features they want to activate, such as how many miles per hour above the speed limit   you will allow your teen to drive, (or even on a certain grace period for infractions) pick which zones or destinations will send you an alert when your teen arrives at, or leaves, and set the sensitivity of the aggressive driving parameters.
 Interesting technology, but I am beginning to wonder, how much is too much when it comes to keeping tabs on our kids?
The unit can be purchased at and with a 12 month contract costs around $300 with a $24.95 monthly service fee.