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The Titanium Falcon Smart Ring Game Controller is coming to a store near you…someday

Titanium Falcon Talon

We want to be as close to our gaming worlds as possible, so it makes sense that we’re striving to make exceedingly real virtual reality experiences. We’ve already got things like the Occulus, Omni, wireless controllers that act as weapons and much more. However, the more we put on, the harder it is to make the experience seem real. There have been innovations to expand your visual field in your living room, but they only do so much as you’re not really moving with the environment.

If you like geeky accessories that are also functional, then the Talon from Titanium Falcon will be a hot new item to keep your eye on. We’ve seen a gaming ring before, but as it is with all tech items, the newest one is generally trying to outdo the older version of itself. This is less than 3.8mm thick and won’t cost more than $100, but its aim is to be as multi-platform as possible.

Rather than forcing you to get an expensive piece of hardware that you don’t already have, this will work with any smart device. This means your phone, tablet, smart TV, smart watch, PC, Mac, or VR headset. Your hand gestures will control aspects of games or applications, making it a more seamless experience. It uses Bluetooth low energy, a 32-bite CPU, two action buttons, 9-axis motion control sensor, a gyroscope, and a compass. While we won’t know precisely how useful this is until it has hit the shelves as it is going to be a crowdfunding campaign first, it looks pretty promising at the moment.

More information available at titaniumfalcon