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The Titan Lightning Cable is as tough as steel…literally

Titan Charging Cable

We all have a pretty dire need of a charging cable. It’s what keeps our phones alive and kicking, and us connected to all of our favorite social media outlets. If you have an Apple device and all the joy it brings, you also deal with a really terrible battery life and a need to be near a charging cable at least once a day. Of course, life seems to enjoy destroying one cable after another, whether it’s by our own hand, a pet, or just coincidence. They tangle, disappear without a trace, or the ends fray.

If you want a cable that is made of stronger stuff, then maybe this Titan Lightning Cable will live up to your standards. This does everything your old charger can do, in that it connects your Apple device to a power source, but the big difference is that is it wrapped in two layers of flexible high-strength steel. This is obviously supposed to last a lifetime, so it only makes sense that this has a lifetime warranty.

This is a $24.99 purchase, and is likely something you won’t want to sink money into unless you are either really fond of how it looks, or you have a knack for destroying your charging cables. This is Apple-approved with certification, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it not playing along with your iDevice. Your dog won’t be able to chew it up, it won’t be as easy to forget, and human error will have to try much harder to destroy it.

Available for purchase on ohgizmo